Characteristics of tile company Sadaf Manzar

Features of Mehran Manzar Plaster:
Suitable setting
wonderful Whiteness: Which is related to proper cooking and having profetional choice on desirable and pure gypsum
High Firmness: This quality makes the plaster against accidental impacts and having a good resistance against scratches.
Softness : There is no need to sift, and you don't waste any particles of it. 
Having time for payment

These feautres brings some applicabilities such as:  Whitening، Toring، Subtasking، Molding

Ceiling Tiles

having high resistance to earthquake, can be used in wet places, being economical

Gypsum Boards (Panels)

which used in separation walls, lining (internal coverage), and decorative ceiling.

Ceiling and Wall Structures

all fitting and accessories such as: nails, stuffing, screws, sealant tape,...

PVC Panels

ease of performance, building lightening, insulation for moisture, and capability in use on roof and wall.

Plaster (Micronized)

This product is suitable for artistic works such as: sculpture, and plaster-molding.

Ordinary plaster (building)

clamping applications in the arch of ragtime, blade walls, molding and working on it.

Gypsum Decors

Made of plaster, micronized - painting and suitable for decoration and beauty

Sand & Mud

Can be used in marine structures - infrastructure and asphalt roads, and concrete-mixing workshops

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